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Doorstep Collections

Our Doorstep Collection Agents objective is to whenever possible secure the full outstanding monies owed or to fully establish the debtor’s circumstances. If for any reason full payment is not achievable, because the debtor is not in a financial position to pay, our highly trained doorstep recovery agents have the expertise and skills to adapt, negotiate and to encourage a reasonable payment to either settle the debt in full, or to create a realistic customised payment plan.

Why use our Doorstep Collections?

Doorstep CollectionsOur Doorstep Collections service can help to conclude matters without the need to resort to lengthy and costly litigation.  It is also a useful tool that can help verify for certain that you debtor actually lives where he/she says. And it can assist us to re-establish contact with your unresponsive debtors, or it can aid our investigations into their whereabouts; a valuable tool that could make a difference to help reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Our Doorstep Collections Service includes;

  • A full detailed report including; the time/s of the visit/s
  • Information relating to interviews
  • Details of any assets in/outside of the property that could be seized should you choose to use litigation.
  • Photographic evidence of the “subjects” property with a full description.
  • Where necessary the subjects full income and expenditure.
  • Details of any evidence/information that we may discover that could assist us to quickly recover what you are owed or to assess our next move.

Our service is particularly useful to recover private/commercial rent arrears, finance agreements exempt form the Consumer Credit Act, most types of payment arrears, overdue invoices or money owed from contractual agreements.

We can assign Field Recovery Agents to undertake a one off visit or to multiple accounts. We operate entirely within the frame work of the law, throughout England & Wales and can visit both commercial and residential premises.

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