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Company Vetting & Credit Report

How comfortable would you feel if a stranger came up to you and asked you to lend them £200.00?

Most people wouldn’t even entertain such a request. But if you were one of the tiny percentages of people who would consider parting with their cash, you would at least want to know more information about your “borrower”. For example you would want to know; who they were, when you would be repaid, how and if they could afford to repay you back.

Many businesses continually take risks by providing credit to other businesses for goods and services with out first checking their “customers” ability to pay. The consequence of this can sometimes be disastrous.

Overdue and non-payment can have a profound impact on a business survival. Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted can be a very painful and expensive lesson.

First Capitol Company Vetting & Credit Reports provide you with valuable information that helps you to “know your customer”.

Our Company Vetting & Credit Reporting is designed to help you take the guesswork out of who to do business with and remove some of the potential risks.

Our easy to understand report provide the following information;

  • Business risk/credit rating/comparison against other similar industries within the same field
  • Copy of latest and previous year/s accounts/returns/filing history (if available), mortgages and charges.
  • Ownership/director/secretaries, shareholders & group structure.
  • Details of company appointments, adverse information including county court judgments and any notice/s to strike off.

We use a unique “traffic light” warning system to help you quickly identify potential risk; green – good to go, amber – caution and red – danger, stay clear.

Our reports can also assist you with setting customer credit limits to help reduce the risk of you incurring bad debt/s and entering poor relationships.

We can also provide a detailed report of your customer’s or potential customer’s other past or current business activities, which can include any other businesses that they have or may have been associated with.

In addition to the above features, we can also constantly monitor your customer’s business and alert you immediately of any detrimental changes to the structure or credit score.

For more information about Company Vetting & Credit Reporting call 03333 444991 and speak to one of our consultants.

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